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Boy oh boy do I ever have a treat for you today!!!

It’s been terrible keeping this one for you – but I really wanted to share this project during March, while we have the #GetBuilding2015 #ScrapWorkLove social media share and inspire contest going on!

Here’s a project that might just make you save every single little scrap piece of wood!

This amazing bed was actually built by my friend Brandy.

Brandy had some time off from work this winter, and asked me to help her build a storage bed with drawers.

So I drew up a really simple plan, with just plywood boxes covered in wood face frames and trim.

But when it came time to cover up that plywood and those drawer faces, Brandy and I came up with the idea of using scrap wood, kinda like “siding” on the bed.

Brandy took scrap wood frm my scrap wood bin and fit them together on the side panels.  I love how she used different depths and types of wood – just whatever was there, and whatever could fit.

Once all the pieces were fit in place, she then glued each piece,

And then nailed the pieces on to the side panels of the bed.

This was the first panel Brandy did.  We both LOVED it so much, we decided to do the drawers too!

After coating the ENTIRE bed with a coat of light stain (try Rustoleum Golden Oak), Brandy when over select pieces with a slightly darker stain (try Rustoleum Early American or Light Walnut), and then a few more in an even darker stain (try Rustoleum Dark Walnut or Kona).

Isn’t it breathtaking?

I actually asked Brandy if she would sell her bed to me.  I sure did.

It is that crazy beautiful.  I was having a hard time parting with it.

Even the little children running around the house playing while we were photographing the bed all came over to admire it. They ooohed and ahed, even as young as five years old, able to appreciate how beautiful this bed is!

And while Brandy wouldn’t sell this bed to me, I am quite honored that she let me help her build it and I got to be part of such an amazing piece.

Scrap wood.  Who would have thought?

The plans follow (if this is the homepage, click READ MORE below). We can’t wait to see how you make your bed, so please share if you build!

XO Ana