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This beautiful sideboard features four large doors and lots of cupboard space.  We’ve added moulding detail to fancy it up.

You can stain or paint any color of your choice.

This plan was designed and built in collaboration with Whitney from Shanty2Chic:

I have drooled over RH’s sideboards for years, but never dreamed of being able to own my own. I about choke every time I see those $3000 price tags! I wanted something grand, and with a little bit of farmhouse charm. Ana delivered! This was a very large piece to build, but the cuts were simple without any weird angles. I finished both pieces in a weekend and could not be more pleased. The best part… I spent less than one tenth the cost of RH’s. This may be one I pass down to one of my kiddos one day 😉

For lots more pictures, and more details straight from Whitney on building this amazing sideboard, you can read her post here.