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Reader submitted photo by NICKFMC

This table plan was originally created in collaboration with Brooke from Killer B. Designs .

Brooke wanted to build a table for her sister that was square and fit a smaller dining space, with an X base.  We were inspired by a table from Restoration Hardware – but who can afford $2500 for it?

Try $60!  And this table is solid wood!

Here’s from Brooke:

First off, SPECTACULAR plan! Oh, how I love this table. It was a little sad for me to give it away. But my sister is absolutely enthralled with it, and I’m so happy to be able to give her the first “real” table she’s had. And for only $60 in lumber and screws, it’s an amazing bargain. I had to take extra care piecing together the top, but luckily wood filler is a life saver and filled in any errors in execution. Once it was sanded and stained you could hardly tell. The table looks very pretty and polished. I actually ended up not needing any of the lag bolts, simple 2.5″ screws worked perfectly with the angles on the 4×4’s. So I didn’t need any special tools or materials other than my chop saw, kreg jig, and drill! I’m really proud that I was able to put together such a complicated-looking table in only three hours, and my sister is thrilled that she has such a fancy table to show off! So thank you again for yet another fantastic, easy to follow plan. 

You can build this table too – but before we get to the plans, please hop over and check out more photos and building details from Brooke!