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Do you need to organize your closets, but –

  • Want a truly custom closet organizer – perfect for your things and no wasted space or compromises
  • Want solid wood closet shelving (no particle board)
  • Want a freestanding closet, that does not need to be attached to the wall
  • Have minimal experience with tools, but are up for an easy and inexpensive project?

You can build your own wood closet shelving.  It’s easier than you might think and you only need a couple of tools.

wood closet shelving how to steps

You simply build “legs” from 2x4s with 1x4s screwed to the outsides.  Then you add 1x4s inside the legs, at whatever length your closet is. You can do this!

And the end result is beautiful and functional!  Here’s how my ten foot long closet turned out.

I also added a couple of smaller shelves in the middle, using the same method – 2×4 supports with 1x4s on top.

How much did it cost?

The cost was surprising too!  Here’s what I spent –

  • Lumber (all new) – $120
  • Pipes for closet rods – $60
  • Stain and screws – $20

If I had used dowels for closet rods, this project would have been under $150.

I’d estimate between $15-$20 a linear foot to build your own closets.

Industrial Iron Pipe Rods

The iron pipes were a big part of the budget.  I wanted the look, and it is beautiful!

You can save alot of money (and it’s easier) by just using wood dowels as recommended in the plans.  But we also wanted to provide instruction on how the iron pipes went together.

I used all 3/4″ fittings.  Per each rod, I purchased:

  • (1) 36″ pipe
  • (2) Ts
  • (4) 8″ nipples
  • (4) end caps

This was definitely the most expensive part, but the splurge was absolutely worth it!

Costs could be cut down by using a smaller pipe (1/2″) or having less individual rods, and using longer pipes as the cost is in all the fittings.

But one thing to consider is the shelves above and below the pipes shouldn’t span more than about 3 feet or they will start to sag, so I opted to make my closet rods using 36″ pipes.

To get the closet to work with the 36″ pipe pieces, I put the pipe fittings together first, then figured out how far apart I needed to space the legs.  Then attached the shelving to the legs so it worked with my measurements.

Freestanding Closet

This closet is freestanding, but we do recommend attaching to the wall just to prevent forward tipping.

It’s nice because you can build it in the garage, and then just set it up in the closet, or even in your room.

Wood Closet Shelving Plans

The plans for our freestanding closet is below.

If you build, please share, we very much appreciate your brag posts!