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Luxury Bathroom Ideas For 2019

Luxury means a state of great ease and comfort or something that makes you feel better. Luxury defines the best of whatever it represents. Not to forget that as we grow and evolve, our definition, as well as the standard of luxury, evolves with us too. One of the most important rooms in the house is the bathroom.

This means that in order to experience relaxation and rejuvenation in a way that we deserve it, we must give our bathroom the makeover it requires. In this blog, we are going to share some amazing ideas for your bathroom makeover and redesign based on the type of your house, the space available, and the type and style of your bathroom, which can turn your ordinary bathroom into a luxury bathroom!

Types of Bathrooms


We are growing very particular about the things we like and the ones that we would want to incorporate in our lives. All our personal products are lined with a personal touch. Bathrooms are some of the most personal spaces that we access every day which is why they ought to have that personal connection in order to make the experience enjoyable.

You can now pick out from the various decor options available. Meaning you can choose whether you would like to have a master bathroom that is connected to the master bedroom and features a gigantic bath space, or you would like to go contemporary on the decor of the bathroom.

You could even go for a three-quarter bathroom depending upon the space and your personal taste and preferences.

Whether you own a flat, a farmhouse or a bungalow, these stunning ideas can be utilized for any type of bathrooms. No matter if you have a small, medium or large space for your bathroom, these design ideas can definitely make your bathroom look richer.

And the best part is by the end of this blog you will have ample ideas to transform your typical bathroom into a stylish.



Technology is taking over all major domains of our lives and our bathrooms should not be the ones to lag behind. Some of the tech upgrades that you could incorporate into your bathroom would have to include high-tech toilet seats, Alexa for a hands-free, sound operated bathroom and some amazing tech-equipped showerheads to improve your overall bathing experience.

You can look out for Automode, the automatic water closet that includes features like temperature control, cushioned seat covers, self-flushing mechanisms, water jet along with a dryer to keep you comfortable at all times.

You can also look out for musical showerheads and products equipped with Alexa to add a touch of magic to your everyday bathing experience.



Depending on your personality, you can choose the theme for your bathroom so that your bath space can become a truly relaxing space for you. If you crave for a tropical vacation more than anything else, you can go for a beach themed bathroom.

If you like camping in the woods then a wooden theme would be perfect for you. And if you are someone who finds respite amidst natural surroundings then you could go for a green theme where you can replicate a mini forest for yourself in your very own bathroom.

Nature lovers have plenty of options like beach, wooden and stone is another theme you can choose if you love nature.


The choice of colors for a bathroom can really influence the way our final look turns out so pick your colors very wisely. You can coordinate your color choices according to the theme that you have chosen for your bathroom.

The colors also need to work well with the bathroom furniture, fittings as well as the accessories that you are planning to include in your final design. Color of your bathroom depends upon the theme you are going for in case of contemporary where minimalism is key one can go for black and white color.

The golden color is best for the traditional bathroom as it gives traditional as well as a luxurious look to the bathroom. Grey is also a classic color and it is best for the modern bathroom.


Flooring is yet another essential feature of bath space. It can make or break the look and the feel of any bathroom depending on its coordination with the rest of the decor.

Ideally, you can select the flooring first and then work your way towards designing the rest of the space or even if you choose to go the other way round, you must make sure to have everything well-coordinated and styled really well.

You can choose from options like ceramic tile flooring, marble flooring or even stone flooring for a natural glow.


Bathroom accessories are one such domain that people tend to ignore but then these little things possess the power to utterly transform the way your bathroom looks and the way you use it.

You can invest in some good bathroom accessories that rank high on the utility quotient and also compliment the overall decor of your bath space. Some of these accessories include a bathroom vanity, storage drawers and cabinets, hangers and holders and the like. Accessories are also an important factor while designing a bathroom.


In case you don’t have a big space in your bathroom doesn’t mean you cannot have a cool bathroom vanity. For, small bathroom small storage drawers work well. You can add a mirror finish to your storage drawers to make it look luxurious and appealing. These drawers save space and make your bathroom look clutter-free. This works well with a three-quarter bathroom.

Stylish Products

We are in an age where every product is being equipped with artificial intelligence. This is not just making our tasks easier and the experience better but is also giving us the liberty to control everything with just a touch.

Discover Queo’s range of smart products that give you the freedom to operate everything in your bathroom with touch or voice control. With superior control, there also comes a greater scope of customization. You can now set the exact temperature of the water you are comfortable with, the direction of the flow of water and much more.

All these joys come to you with the installation of the SmartTap by Queo.

With these features and additions, bathing will not just be a ritual but will turn into an indulgence of its own kind. Bathing experiences will never be the same anymore. You can now experience the utmost luxury right at the comfort of your home because well, you deserve it.

Let your bathroom make its way into the ongoing trend of an upgrade. Your bathrooms should not be left behind. With the wand of imagination and a little help from Queo, you can make yourself an amazing bathroom that you will love to be in.

So pick out your tools and get started. You are now equipped with all the fresh ideas that you need to design your very own luxury bathroom.