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The right bed makes the room.  In a bedroom, the bed dominates the room, grounds it, and is the focal point.  All the other bedroom furniture simply compliments the bed.

So when it comes to designing a bedroom, I always start with the bed.  And it better be grand!

Why Build Your Own Bed?

But the problem is, a beautiful bed can be very expensive – as in thousands of dollars.  But the good news is beds are fairly easy to build, and for the size of the bed, astonishingly inexpensive.  Most beds we build (including this one) include a platform (so no need for a box spring) – saving you even more money.

You can save upwards of 90 PERCENT OFF when you build your own bed!

If saving money isn’t incentive enough, consider being about to choose a custom finish, being able to customize the size, building a sturdier bed – there’s lots of reasons to go DIY.  And let’s not forget – a solid wood bed is so beautiful!

What Happened to the Original Farmhouse Bed?

We just moved into a new home, and our original DIY farmhouse bed wouldn’t fit between the windows.

But I still wanted that “farmhouse” look – the square styling, the planked headboard, the beefy legs.  But maybe a little more modern.

Modern Farmhouse Bed Design

Using off the shelf 2x4s, 2x6s, 4x4s and leftover tongue and groove from our house ceiling (you can also use 1x6s or other materials), we built this new, modern farmhouse bed.

modern farmhouse bed frame

We ran the planking horizontal this time, and traded the footboard and siderails in for a platform base.  The results are all that rustic charm, but in a simplified version that is just as sturdy and beautiful as the original.

modern farmhouse bedroom grey walls

This bed also ended up being easier to build and less expensive than the original farmhouse bed, thanks to the simplified design, less cuts and less joints, and less trim boards.

Matching Nightstands

This bed really made our room amazing when paired with our matching Modern Farmhouse Nightstands

modern farmhouse nightstand gray finish

You can find plans for the matching nightstands here.

Weathered Wood Finish

We kept the finish simple with Varathane Weathered Wood Accelerator – it ages the wood in minutes and creates a natural looking grey finish.

Video Tutorial of Modern Farmhouse Bed Build

We did a video on the build of this bed, do watch – lots of little tricks and tips –

Modern Farmhouse Bed Plans

The step by step plan follows, with diagrams and shopping lists and cut list.  For your convenience, the plans include everything you need to make this bed in a twin, full, queen or king (both standard and california king).  Thank you for using our plans, it is much appreciated.