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Building projects is so much like cooking meals.  If you have a kitchen and the basic tools, anything is possible.  But if you are cooking on the ground, without your appliances, utensils and knives stored in random places though your home, it’s next to impossible to create anything.

The same is true of building projects.  You need a dedicated work center with your tools all in one place.  So when you want to work on a project, you know exactly where everything is, and you have a workspace that is clean and ready for your creativity.

But what if you don’t have alot of space?  I just returned from visiting my sister, and we were able to create a folding workbench that holds all the essential tools in just 4 square feet, but it folds out to a 12 square foot tabletop.  

folding workbench

It’s narrow, so you can place it against the garage wall and still easily walk around it.

folding workbench with storage

You can also store the folding workbench with the tools outward – so accessing your drill or hand tools is a always easy.

folding workbench set up

To use, simply wheel the workbench out, lock the caster wheels, and fold the tabletop up.  The tabletop is simply a 3/4″ thick piece of plywood, in an off the shelf 4′ x 2′ size (no cutting required).

The simple design allows for easy clamping to the plywood.

folding workbench

The storage and tools is very accessible when the workbench is in use.

folding workbench with drawers

We added a drawer for small tools and screw organization – but the tools are completely optional.

This folding workbench is perfect for someone who wants to work on occasional projects, doesn’t have alot of space, and wants all their tools in order.


Folding Workbench Video Tutorial

We did film this build process, it’s a pretty easy build.  Watch the tutorial for lots of tips and tricks


Folding Workbench Plans

The plans for this folding workbench follow.  If you build, please share a post, we love seeing how your projects turn out.

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