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American Girl or 18 Dolls are big dolls, and the dollhouses can be HUGE – which is great if you have the space.

But in a small space or a tight bedroom, here’s an option for an American Girl Dollhouse that takes up much less space.

My daughter was more into playing with the dolls, and taking the matching playsets out, than playing in the dollhouse.  The dollhouse was almost more for storage and display than play.  

So creating a shallow dollhouse not only takes up much less space, but it works better for the way our child uses it.

You can still fit some projects in the dollhouse –

This dollhouse is only about five feet four inches tall, and 32″ wide.  

We LOVE that this dollhouse is built with 1×12 boards – so easy to build!!

Unlike a traditional style dollhouse where you set up rooms, this one isn’t big enough to do that, as the rooms are only 11-1/4″ deep.  

But I love how the furniture and dolls are on display.  I can just imagine the girls taking the furniture out, playing with it on the floor.  It makes a beautiful display, and the shelves are all at height that the girls could easily reach and play with.

This project is so simple to make – just a 1×12 bookshelf really – but the truss detail at the top really makes it cute.

Build the Furniture Too!

The furniture in this dollhouse is all DIY!

I added the plans here so you can make everything in the photos.

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