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faux fireplace

faux fireplace  faux fireplace decorated

Faux Fireplace Features

  • All in one design – just build and move into place
  • Perfect sized faux fireplace for use as an entertainment console
  • Build using all off the shelf materials
  • Hidden storage for controllers, books, DVDs and more
  • Easy to build “doors” 
  • Customize to suit easily

How to Build It

The plans for this faux fireplace are below (just scroll down), but I wanted to add a few more photos of the build –

faux fireplace diy

First I just built a bookshelf with 1×12 boards.  I used a Kreg Jig (recommended) but not essential.  You can also use 2″ screws or brad nails and glue.

faux fireplace diy

Then I added the top trim – just 1x boards

diy faux fireplace

To fancy up the top, I added some off the shelf moulding.

faux fireplace diy

I did the same for the base, I added off the shelf base moulding.

From there, it’s just doors!

faux fireplace diy

The side doors are just 1x12s with moulding nailed to the front.

diy faux fireplace

The final flip down door is also a 1×12.  I added the 1x2s just to strengthen it up.

faux fireplace plans

Here’s what it looks like with all the doors on.

Hearth Modification

We love how some of our readers have added hearths below

faux fireplace with hearth

The easiest way to do this is to build a platform with 1x8s to build up the base, 2x6s on top.  You’ll also want to omit the base on the cabinet.  Let me know if you are interested in seeing a full plan tutorial – I’d love to help you out if the interest is there.

Video Tutorial

To help you build this faux fireplace, we put together a video tutorial.

Faux Fireplace Plans

The plans for this faux fireplace follow.  If you build, please share and tag us – we love seeing how your projects turn out!

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