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Here’s a quick, easy handmade gift for under $10! 

Are you searching for the perfect hostess gift?  What if a wine caddy could be useful for more than just transporting the wine?

Using up scrap wood, I built this wood wine holder that does it all!  It stacks, it stores, it even serves!  We love it as a easy wood gift project.

wood wine holder

Wood Wine Holder Features

  • Works as a wine crate for easy transporting
  • Great handmade gift for the wine lover
  • Flips over to become a wine rack with useable space on top
  • Can be stacked to add more wine storage

How to Build the Wood Wine Holder – Video Tutorial

This project is so quick and easy to build!  We go through all the steps in the project plan video here-

No Jigsawing Version (Even Quicker and Easier!)

If cutting the curves out with a jigsaw intimidates you, don’t worry!  You can skip it all together and just use 1x2s instead of the 1x3s.

wood wine holder stackable

It also still stacks just like the 1×3 version (see unfinished in photos)

wood wine holder stacked up

I do prefer the 1×3 version with the wine cutouts because it looks more custom and the wine is more secure in the project, but for a quick gift, the 1×2 version is just fine.  

Wood Wine Holder Plans

The plans for the wood wine holder plans follow.  

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