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If you can open your mail and deal with it immediately, deal with it just once, instead of handling multiple times, you’ll save time and reduce household work.

My sister had an amazing idea to create the “mail boss” – a regular looking console table with built in functionality to deal with the mail all in one spot.  Here’s how it turned out-

Mail organizer station

Why it’s the Perfect Mail Sorting and Organizing Solution

  • Built in paper shredder that is easy to access but hidden
  • Built in wastebasket that is easy to empty (no need to remove the shredder head to empty waste basket)
  • Built in filing cabinet to file mail on the spot
  • Pencil drawer for pens, pencils, stamps and other small items
  • Larger drawer for envelopes, packing tape, etc
  • Surface space for sorting mail, writing checks, addressing envelopes or decor
  • Wall space above for calendars, wall storage solutions, pin boards, mirrors or decor

Watch Me Build It

The plans for the mail boss are below.  We also show the steps and functionality in our weekly YouTube video

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mail organizing solution

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