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With spring coming, we can’t wait for the birds to return.  My son has been asking if we could build a bird feeder.  

Since he’s only six, I designed an easy to build bird feeder using just one cedar fence picket and a recycled orange juice bottle.

wood bird feeder

Why We Love It

  • Very inexpensive (even free if you have an old fence picket)
  • Easy to build with just a couple of simple tools
  • Self fills – so you can go longer between filling the bird seed
  • Plastic bottle won’t shatter or hurt someone (as opposed to a glass bottle)
  • Wide footprint can stand up on it’s own
  • Can be hung from a tree
  • Simple, attractive design blends in with just about any decor or exterior
  • Easy to customize (for different sized bottles)
  • Kid Friendly project

Watch Us Build it

My son helped me build the wood bird feeder.  This is a great project to do with kids, and is quick and easy.

Wood Bird Feeder Plans

plastic bottle bird feeder

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